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iPhone App Review: B1nary Game

B1nary Game is a fast-paced iPhone game that is quite addicting and is a very good value. (more on that later) The game is much simpler then it sounds, it is all about basic addition and quick thumbs. There are two modes of play; Speed Mode and Challenge Mode. In Speed Mode, you are trying to solve 15 problems as quick as you can. The record is currently at 20.9232 and is held by @lupka. Challenge Mode is all about solving problems in stages before your time runs out.

If this were all the game had to offer, it would be a decent game, but what makes it stand out is its very competitive and addicting online leaderboard. The problem with a lot of games on the iPhone is finding other people to play against. B1nary has an awesome all-time leaderboard as well as a daily top 10. So everyone can get their name on the leaderboard at some point. I’ve had this game for a few weeks now and unlike most games where you download it, play for a bit, then move on to the next one, B1nary offers good times when you’re bored in class, work, or where ever. I think it’s a good value and worth your $1.99. Visit http://b1narygame.com/ for more information.

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