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Street Fighter IV Impressions


Street Fighter 4

Street Fighter 4

Let me begin my Street Fighter IV analysis by saying that I am 98% new to the series. As a youngin’, I played Street Fighter II on the SNES a total of two times. Two matches. So this interpretation of the game is completely free of influences from the past games.


Going into this game, I knew it would be easy to learn the controls yet unbelievably frustrating to master combos and timing. I was right.

I started with the training mode to get down the moves famous of the franchise. I began with Ryu and Ken as I had heard they are very beginner friendly. Hadoukens (fireballs) and Shoryukens (uppercuts) were very easy to perform. I am using a normal console controller as I am not interesting in yet another, expensive peripheral of an arcade stick.

All special moves in this game were extremely simple for me to perform. After checking the move list and how to perform them, I was able to do any of the basic special moves within 3 attempts. Specials and Ultras were basically the same with the help of the left shoulder buttons as they allow one button press to yield all three punches or kicks at the same time (default settings).

There is another batch of moves that are combined into combos. These moves are timed correctly and ‘canceled’ into other moves to perform attacks quickly that give your opponent very little time to react. These combos, I found, were incredibly difficult to time properly. About 15 hours into the game and quite a bit put in the challenges mode, I have only completed Ryu’s Normal Difficulty combo challenge.. and that is against an idle opponent. Doing these combos at will during a real fight will be possible in.. I’m guessing.. a year or two? BUT! I look forward to the challenge of mastering them.

The forgiving controls (excluding combos) give way, though, in the heat of a match. But that is no fault other than the user (or just me heh). Fights are fast paced and frantic. Attempting to pull off an Ultra Combo while both fighters are holding on by a sliver of health provides a rush I have not experienced in a game for quite a while.

I love this game. 9 out of 10 of random online play is lag free and I’ve had no internet problems with people I know personally. Challenge modes and online rankings add to the already addictive “memorize and master all moves” game. I will be playing this game alone and with friends for years to come.

A review will come later as the release’s hype and freshness of the game plays into the mind as added value.



March 7, 2009 - Posted by | Impressions

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